The Nintendo Selects Line-Up (US)

(Note: I originally wrote this back on 3/29 but then got busy so I didn’t get a chance to finish. So, if this seems a little late, well, that’s why.)

A couple months back, Nintendo announced some of their recent titles to be part of the ‘Nintendo Selects’ lineup. ‘Nintendo Selects’ is kind of like the ‘Player’s Choice’ or ‘Greatest Hits’ tags on games of the past, basically meaning that, “This game sold well, is solidly made and because of these reasons, worth your time.” It was first introduced back in 2011 for some Wii titles, none of which I purchased. Although, I slightly regret not picking up Pikmin 2 for the Wii. (But that’s a story for another time..)

For this time around, here’s the current list of the lineup (for US), all for the low price of $20:


Not the greatest selection but still pretty nice, especially if you haven’t played many of these titles. I personally have, except for a select few 😉 There are a few titles I do what to pick up, though. Which ones? Well…

I originally went to Target to pick up another Select game but weirdly enough, it wasn’t in stock. The game I’m talking about will remain a secret for now, as I’ll cover it in a future post. But since I was itching for a new game, I ultimately decided on Yoshi’s New Island. Also originally, I was going to talk a little bit about it but one thing led to another and eventually that ‘little bit’ turned into..well, a lot. So I decided to break it off and split it into another post. It also got me thinking that since I’ve played a good portion of the Selects lineup, I might as well talk in depth about the games I have played. So that’s probably what’s going to be the topic of a few of my future posts.

I know these games have already been reviewed and talked about by plenty of other people on the internet. But what I feel makes it different is that I paid for these games myself; I wasn’t handed some review copy. Also, I believe I can provide an alternative look on some of these games. I mean, I spent a lot of time playing through them, that must mean something, right?


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