Status Updates

  • 5:24pm Mar. 31, 2021
    Had a pretty productive day out at the park: Lots of writing, walking, and some reading. Also, these lunch bags from the store make me feel like a kid again. TOO much like a kid…

  • 2:54am Mar. 16, 2021
    Was up late, playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic while watching Star Trek: Enterprise.
    Am I committing some sort of sin?

  • 2:29pm Mar. 11, 2021
    Finally getting around to “updating” my website. Man, this stuff is a lot of work! Hopefully this time I set aside for it goes to good use. I’ve gained a bit more respect for people who do this stuff on a daily basis.

  • 11:22pm Feb. 18, 2021
    In the midst of trying to record a new playthrough, I found out my capture card no longer worked on Windows newest update…great news, huh? But thankfully (through much troubleshooting), I was finally able to get things back in working order! I wanted to celebrate, only to realize all I did was get things to function just like it did before.
    Moral of the story: Never update your software!

  • 1:59pm Feb. 2, 2021
    Looking outside my window, listening to the FF7 soundtrack “Wutai”…not only am I reminiscing about playing the game, but also about where my mind was back then and where I wanted to be.
    Even though it was over a decade ago now, does that mean it’s too late to accomplish those young desires?