The First (and Hopefully Not Last) Post

Hello, if anyone out there is reading this. Probably not, since I just created this site. But if someone happened to find this spontaneously…then hello!

Let me not-so-smartly start off by saying that I’m not exactly sure what I plan to do with this site, page, blog, etc. I know most people use Tumblr or LiveJournal (is that still a thing?) for these kinds of things but I was always interested in making a WordPress so here I am. I suppose my main interest comes from the idea that my Twitter does not have enough space to type my thoughts and I don’t feel like posting on Facebook, forcing people to sift through my posts.

If you are thinking that I’m going to use this place as a blog, then…well, you are sort of right. I don’t have the intention of spilling my guts out about my days; that’s what my journal is for 😉 What I want to use this site for talking about current going ons, but mainly focusing on movies, video games, or any other miscellaneous bits that peak my interest. Basically, kinda like a news site. I see many places that have reviews or discussions about things and that’s what I want to do. Now, I’m not planning on just saying “I like thing” and leaving it like that. I plan to give insight, critiques and perhaps alternative thinking on things. And who knows, maybe I can change someone’s mind…or perhaps they could change mine?

For now, all of this is ambitious talk. It’s very possible I can turn out to be like one of the thousands of people who start a site and give up on it. But I hope I don’t because this does seem like a fun investment and potentially worthwhile. At the very least, I can probably improve my typing and grammar.

Aside from this site, I am also very semi-active on Twitter:

Twitter – @dariophantom

or YouTube:

YouTube – DarioPhantom

I have some time off coming up so hopefully I can embellish the site more and maybe put out some content. Or it might just be wishful thinking. Take care!

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